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We specialize in providing fresh farm to table meats, grown and processed locally, that are free of any additives like growth hormones or other antibiotics.


"Just went to our local market in Eatonton! Bought a quarter cow! I was so happy they delivered! That is good service! Can't wait to try all this good meat! Thanks Jeff, Josh, and the lovely lady that was with you at the market!"

— Melissa M.

"Cooking at home has never been so rewarding and enjoyable. No matter what I need, I always seem to find it at Scratchers Creek Meats."

— Terry G.

"I buy all of my meats at Scratchers Creek Meats and their steaks are delicious. There's simply no other shop in the area that even compares in terms of quality and selection."

— Shannon V.

"Excellent quality and friendly service. We come here so much, we're greeted by name. Everything is fresh and delicious. We recommend Scratchers Creek Meats to everyone."

— Dominic P.

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